TNT Goes Down Stupid Road, Like Many TV Stations That Do Not Understand Their Market

TNT Goes Down Stupid Road, Like Many TV Stations That Do Not Understand Their Market

September 11th, 2011 // 9:47 pm @

It would appear that TNT, like so many other stations has gone down a road that is stupid and dangerous to their own business model.

Hulu, a company that provides TV entertainment to hundreds of thousands of viewers, is one of the very few places that someone without cable can access TV shows, without going down the road of resorting to digital downloads of shows from free sites. TNT, used to have their shows, most of the more popular shows available online streaming through their website. They were even listed on Hulu, and you could click through a link to find your program. Until about a 3 or 4 weeks ago when it was suddenly removed.

One of the things that makes Hulu such a great experience for many, it allows a user to not need to turn to the dark side to view a show. It is convenient and it allows users that have no access to such programs, because of where they live or their financial situation or strictly because of their opinions, to have a source of good quality entertainment. The shows they want to watch on demand. Some people don’t have DVR services or they work strange hours or there are a number of reasons someone turns to online streaming programming. It is the wave of the future and more and more consumers are doing it.

Shows such as Leverage and The Closer and Rizzoli and Isles or even HawThorne, are all programs that were once available and now are locked. They used to have advertising, limited though it was, it was still there. Perhaps anywhere from 6-12 minutes of advertising per episode watched online.

Here’s the stupid part of the logic behind what TNT has done. They make agreements with the Cable and Satellite providers that the show can be accessed for free for their subscribers. If you do not have Cable or Satellite then you have no way of watching the show through TNT.

But Many of the people watching shows online don’t have cable or Satellite. Either because they choose to not pipe all the other dribble on Cable and Satellite into their homes, or they are in areas where it is not available or they simple can not afford it or justify affording having it, in their homes.

These people are now left with two choices. Find a way to subscribe to the service, and put up with paying for the crap they do not want to watch, just to watch a few shows. Or they can quick watching altogether or they can do what most savvy internet users are going to do, given a problem such as this, turn to alternative sources.

What do I mean by alternative sources? Of course I mean what is described as ‘illegal downloads’ or file sharing or whatever you want to call it. TNT is now giving more reason for people to find these sites that are willing to record the program, then eliminate all the commercials, so the show can be watched much faster and more conveniently and then upload it someplace where it can be shared hundreds or thousands of times digitally. None of these people find it to be ‘illegal’ in any way. They see it as a service that the studios and entertainment providers are unwilling to provide.

They see it as a way to help their friends and family have entertainment too. Just as if you recorded a show to a DVD or you recorded it to your DVR or even an old school video tape and then shared that tape or whatever it was with your friends saying, hey this was a cool show, sorry you missed it because of whatever reason. It is seen as a service or act of kindness for others. No one is ever going to stop this from happening.

It is like TNT and these other providers think that people who watch shows online are too stupid to download a show. They treat this entire segment of people that is growing by leaps and bounds as idiots. The more crappy, but cheap to produce reality programs proliferate the networks, the more people will turn to some other way to get some form of entertainment.

Just look around you and you will see how many different forms of entertainment their really are available. Look at the rise of YouTube and other video sharing sites, for legitimate reasons. Or even Netflix and their streaming services, that have taken over their DVD by mail services. Why, because it is convenient and that is what people want.

Look at how many places have Internet and even high quality Internet, yet they don’t have high quality TV services, many times because of the country buy Anacin online of the world they are in.

I am not completely surprised, but I am a little upset at how stupid TNT has become by making this move. Now I know why it was removed from Hulu and then episodes of Leverage were removed suddenly, right after their break started. Now all the channels have a key to unlock them.

But they have no way of watching them or contacting them to get the shows any other way, than by contacting your local Cable or Satellite provider. The options are not watching or downloading from a site, which is all to easy to do. I wonder which one I am going to do. Since I don’t miss having Cable TV at all, I can bet I wont be subscribing to the services anytime really soon.

It is not hard to see how TNT is contributing to their own demise and the demise of quality programs. Do you see how illogical this is… considering the demographics of viewers that watch TV online? What do you think of TNT’s move to restrict their content and not have any other means of accessing it??

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16 Comments → “TNT Goes Down Stupid Road, Like Many TV Stations That Do Not Understand Their Market”

  1. Deborah

    5 years ago

    Just tried to watch an episode of the closer online and encountered the BS you were just discriping. What a load of bull. If I had a cable subscribtion I wouldn't have to watch online know would I?

  2. abby

    5 years ago

    you have to be a subscriber of their contracted cable companies. i have cable, but not one of those so i cant watch TNT. i sent in a question to TNT. Guess what, no reply.

  3. Linda

    5 years ago

    I agree. None of those cable providers are available in my area and I have T-Mobile for my phone service… they think I am going to pay a $200 fee to drop my cell provider and sign up with AT&T or Verison? Give me a break. My local cable company who I DO pay every month is the only game in my area.

  4. Ticked-at-TNT

    5 years ago

    You know if TNT had a way to 'sign up' for or had a 'SMALL" montly fee, I would consider it to watch Franklin and Bash and Rizolli and Isles – the only 2 good shows to me – but they don't even offer that. I pay $45/month for internet – why should I pay another $45 to a cable company? I can only view one screen at a time!

  5. Leah

    5 years ago

    Even if you have cable which we do and pay a heafty fee for, Time Warner is not one of the companies listed so we still cannot unlock the shows. I used to love their network, no longer.

  6. regina

    5 years ago

    I am really sad to see TNT do this! They claim that Leverage was picking up new viewers every episode since Season 2 yet now they will be losing viewers every episode because the demographic that watches the show is not keeping their cable and satelite subscriptions due to money problems.
    I feel bad for the actors on all TNT shows because they will have to fight for ratings among a small audience of remaining subscibers that continues to dwindle. Not a smart move TNT! I see you having to do the same thing Netflix had to when they raised prices and tried to redo their DVD part.
    I can hardly wait to see the executives eat crow for this blunder.

  7. Gideon Barthelomew

    5 years ago

    I agree completely I think that it is irresponsible of TNT to take this step. Why wouldn't they want to cut out the greedy middle men who call themselves cable and satellite providers. Most of what they provide is profits for themselves, poor service for their customers, while they perpetuate an outdated business model that does not provide for the needs of the 21 century customer.

  8. DonBit

    5 years ago

    I'm with you I'd rather watch shows through Hulu or the shows website and don't mind watching commercials. I don't have cable, cannot afford both internet and tv cable.

  9. halibut

    5 years ago

    drivel, not dribble.

  10. petznik

    4 years ago

    I watch shows for free on abc, cbs, forx and nbc on my computer. My daughter told me to watch the new dallas so I checked into TNT and I realize now why I couldn't watch the show, but it makes no sense to me what they are doing. If I had cable I wouldnt hook my computer up to my tv. Not getting cable just to watch a few shows. I guess all the other channels will win my loyalty. TNT LOSES in my book! People will quit watching, not sign up for cable. They should fire whomever made that dumb decision. Going to make sure everyone I know finds out how greedy they are.

  11. Kathy

    4 years ago

    I have directTV but look at the shows online when I miss the broadcast. I recently looked at Leverage – had to log in THROUGH DirectTV to get the episode. It still had a ridiculous number of commercials even though I basically verified that I pay to see them. Normally I accept that a program that filled an hour time slot on broadcast will take an hour and fifteen minutes to watch streaming due to the commercials and the way the streaming hangs at the commercial breaks but when I basically have to subscribe to get it I should get a break on the number of commercials doncha think?

  12. Connor

    4 years ago

    I refuse to subscribe to cable or satellite tv on political grounds. I won't give money to the conservative channels (like Focus on the Family, 500 Club, etc.) that spread hate against the GLBT community. If the cable/satellite companies would allow "ala carte" selection of channels a customer wants (as they're required do in Canada), then I would happily subscribe. Since TNT thinks it's okay to block viewers using antennas, I guess I won't be watching their shows on air. I can, however, wait 'til each season's DVDs are available and get them from my local Library (free!). All quite legal and above board! Check it out!

  13. Guest

    4 years ago

    I find it awful that i cant watch TNT anymore on my cable lineup. I used to get it until The DIsh came in rearranged our lineup. I pay 25.00 a month through Bloom which they buy from Dish…they took away channels. They dont have a provider on the list at TNT> but I will find other ways to watch them. On the 3rd season finale.. I watched R&I by way of skype. I called a friend, she turned her computer up to her television, and I watched it. TNT really sucks! This station is a commercial based channel.. so why are they siding on the side of the cable and satteilite providers.. what are they getting out it. R&I will be coming back.. but I am fed up with TNT. I would rather watch USA Network.. online free and on my cheap cable. I will turn my back ON TNT.

  14. Guest

    4 years ago

    I have mediacom cable and tried to sign up to watch leverage online but because I don't also have my Internet through mediacom I couldn't do it. Total Bull****. I'm done with TNT which is a shame because they actually have the only quality shows on these days

  15. Tulmaster

    4 years ago

    Am I the only one who remembers the concept that advertising pays for the shows to be broadcast in the first place? Used to be the networks broadcast free TV over the airwaves all paid for by local and national advertising. It seems these same advertisers on TNT are losing out of the consumer base that could be watching those very commercials they are paying TNT to have viewed by the consumer, ME! I have Cable internet but I refuse to be blackmailed into getting an email account that I don't want, don't need and won't use. However if I did get one, I would make sure as many people new the sign on so they could access that programming!

    • techiediva

      3 years ago

      I totally agree with you… Right now I pay $140 a month for able TV and Internet and I never watch any other channel than TNT or USA… When I miss an episode, I download it from the torrent sites. But with the economy like it is, I can’t afford the $140 anymore so cable TV will be the first thing I get rid of…

      I have been looking for another option like Netflix that I currently have and LOVE. I wouldn’t mind paying a monthly fee for THOSE 2 networks that I watch. Just not $80 – $100 a month like I do now… But since they don’t have any other option, I will just watch by free downloads (file sharing)…

      I don’t understand why they don’t just let you pay $10 a month to subscribe to their website and stream you the content. I wouldn’t even mind the commercials! Then I would be paying $20 a month for TV that I DO watch!

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