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Author, Writer, Marketer, Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Student, Technology Enthusiast, and an all around highly intelligent fun person.

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Welcome to the Justin Taylor AKA “SpeakingBadger.com” About page.


The fastest way to reach or find info about Justin Taylor is to go to http://justintaylor.tel or visit his Google Plus page found at: http://profiles.google.com/speakingbadger

Who is speakingbadger?

Well, it’s quite obviously that my name is Justin Taylor. Before we go into more detail about who he really is or the more personal side of things, let’s give a quick overview of what this site is all about and what you can expect to find here.

First off this site was designed, at first, as a more personal website, just a place for Justin to share things about himself. A place where family and friends could go to see pictures, thoughts, you know all the personal online journal stuff. The first version of the speakingbadger website wasn’t even a blog, it was just some pages and pictures.

This is the first real adventure into the world of building a website using a blogging platform, specifically using WordPress and creating different themes. Although this is not the first website or blog that he has created. There are a couple of links to some past much older blogs on this site, if you are interested.

So what has this site evolved into?

First, Justin began the process of becoming as much a WordPress expert has he could and the best way to do that is to actually use the software.

Second, there are always new tools and marketing processes that need to be tested, so this is a test site as well. Marketing is an art, it is evolving and it is a passion of Justin’s.

Writing, politics and anything related to technology and automation simplicity, are other passions, so naturally a site built on a WordPress blog means you will find a lot of interesting marketing and advertising information, with writing, automation, political links and technology involved.

This is now not only a personal website, but a hub of all things that Justin cares about. It is also a testing platform for testing ideas, software and new technological and/or marketing/advertising tools.

So who is Justin and why “SpeakingBadger”?

If nothing else, those who know him best, know how much he cares about people… he cares more for others at times than he does about himself… there are many places that he has set up shop online, social profiles, articles, websites, other business websites, etc. Many for fun, and others because he simply wants to test them out.

Many months ago it became apparent how important it was to give “SpeakingBadger” a home on the web and perhaps even share some of the significance of that name. This isn’t really the place to share that, as it has deep personal significance and it’s not really appropriate to just talk about it here. What we can say is it is a reminder of who he is and it holds very personal significance.

So you might be asking, why use speakingbadger.com?
The answer is quite simple. There are many people with the name ‘Justin Taylor’ online and since the name ‘Speaking Badger” is extremely unique and easily recognizable it only made sense. I guess you could say branding had a part of it. (Note: it has already been said that Marketing is a a passion… :))

What Qualifies Justin Taylor to talk about Marketing?

Marketing has been a part of Justin’s life for almost all of his adult life. He has a BS Degree in Marketing and a BS degree in Advertising Management from Portland State University, in Portland, Oregon. PSU has an amazing business program, that is growing and gaining more and more prestige and recognition from all across the country. It is is the heart of the Marketing Mecca, Open Source programming and one of the most livable and green cities in the entire United States. Justin also has an MBA in Marketing from Florida Institute of Technology.

Over time, this site will become a place for others to discover not only more about Justin, but a way to find out what he does with his time, what is important to him… this is the new and improved grand central station to the life of Justin Taylor.   It’s a place to voice opinions on politics, things in the media, marketing and other personal thoughts and ideas, as mentioned it is a test bed, a marketing haven.  And yes, it may take a lifetime to complete this site and all the pages that connect to it…so come back often to see what is new!

Look around and you will discover links to places he enjoys, links to pictures, journals, businesses he may have or is involved with and it will be a source of all that makes Justin who he is…
You will have an all access pass to what makes him tick… this is the place where he will talk about himself… where he will share his thoughts and have links to everything about him… yes, his life, is an open book…

This is a new age, the digital age and as he advocates more about personal responsibility this will be his work in progress… perhaps making him more responsible or accountable to others…. Understand that this does not mean, he has chosen to not have some privacy and that he doesn’t value that privacy…. because privacy is very important.

He is very conscious of what it means to have privacy and what it means to be free. But that does have to be balanced with Marketing and getting people to know who he is. This is a way to connect much more deeply with more people, more often….

As time progresses he will not only have links to more about himself, but he’ll have more pages where he will compile much of the other information about organizations, causes that he supports and things he hopes to help change… (more coming on that soon!)

For now, if you have time and want to know a lot more about Justin, you can always go to his livejournal link to look at the very old archives… where there is a lot of insight, perhaps more than you are ready for or even want to know…  Plus he does have a facebook page (that he is very active on) that has more information and ways to connect to him…

You can follow him on Twitter too. He has his main twitter account and more recently he added a personal account under http://twitter.com/justindtaylor. This account is not really being utilized much yet, but perhaps in the future he will begin to use it. It is a work in progress.

So connect to Justin on one of the Social Networks. You’ll also notice a Social Networking Section on the sidebar, which links to several profiles and ways to connect with Justin.

His address and links are available on his contact me page. So feel free to contact him or stay in touch… He is always just an email, snail mail or phone call away…..

Keep smiling and enjoy all that life has to offer!!

© 2006-2014 Justin Taylor AKA “SpeakingBadger”

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Author, Writer, Marketer, Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Student, Technology Enthusiast, and an all around highly intelligent fun person.

Latest posts by speakingbadger (see all)

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